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28 July 2009

What do you think about the Real Estate Service Act ?

Share your thoughts on the
Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines

The Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines, Republic Act No. 9646 has been enacted and is effective on July 30, 2009 which will now place the practice of real estate service under the Professional Regulation Commission.

The Act is intended to professionalize the real estate service industry covering real estate brokers, real estate salespersons, real estate appraisers, real estate consultants and even real estate assessors.

As the implementing rules and regulations will still have to be prepared and formulated, we invite you to share with us your thoughts, comments and suggestions which may be of help in the formulation of the implementing rules and regulations.

To know more about the Real Estate Service Act, go to : real estate service act of the philippines at http://realestateserviceact.blogspot.com/

08 August 2008

Bureacracy in Government Offices

Have you ever experienced bureacracy and red tape in dealing with government offices regarding your real estate transactions, whether it be the national agencies or even at the level of the local government units (your city, municipality and the like ).

We want to hear from you in order to know, find out what is happening and hopefully even try to solve this never ending problem of red tape, delayed processing and even corruption in real estate processing . . . post us yourcomments . . .

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