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08 August 2008

Bureacracy in Government Offices

Have you ever experienced bureacracy and red tape in dealing with government offices regarding your real estate transactions, whether it be the national agencies or even at the level of the local government units (your city, municipality and the like ).

We want to hear from you in order to know, find out what is happening and hopefully even try to solve this never ending problem of red tape, delayed processing and even corruption in real estate processing . . . post us yourcomments . . .


Bonzenti said...
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Bonzenti said...

Bureaucracy in Government Offices and red tape are very rampant today. This is true. As a licensed real estate appraiser, I've always encountered this kind of problem especially in Registry of Deeds, in verifying titles related to my appraisal work. Probably this is happening anywhere in the Philippines. Like in our place in Bukidnon, as alleged, the ROD himself is doing "understandable" transaction in order to move the documentation of a "titling transaction", he will demand something "unusual" from an ordinary client in order to process it fast. The painful truth is that, this ROD signatory personnel is always reporting to the office late and leave the office between 3-4 pm. This is the real problem encountered among the residence/client of ROD Bukidnon. I am hopeful that this person will be replaced with a "real" person.

philinfocenter said...

Your comments are highly appreciated and we hope that others will use this forum as an avenue to inform the public, not only real estate practitioners on what "is actually happening" in the field with a view towards exposing these irregularities and hoping it will reach the concerned government agencies for proper action.

Itneznov said...

Thank you sir for your appreciation on my comment. With the RESA Law or the newly signed RA 9646, the practice of red tape especially on offices that has real estate transaction shall eventually be erased or perhaps controlled or minimize. The Law was just signed recently (June 29, 2009).

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